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  1. questionTraveler Common Questions
    » Does own or rent properties directly? » How do I contact vacation rental Owners/Managers? » If I call a vacation rental owner or manager, am I obligated to rent from them? » I have called the vacation rental owner/manager and have not heard back from ...

  2. questionHow to Rent
    Renting a vacation home is different than reserving a hotel room. However, the additional steps you need to take are rewarding, as you will receive the benefits that come with staying in a vacation rental. Some of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental are: Direct contact with the owner ...

  3. questionVacation Ideas
    VacationRental.Org makes it easy to find the perfect vacation destination. We have researched different locations to help travelers find just what they are looking for when they travel. Find new destinations or return to trusted favorites. No matter what you choose, is here ...

  4. questionVacationRental.Org FAQ
    Does rent the property listed on the site? No. is a listing service for owners and managers. However, does have quality control measures in place to ensure only top caliber properties are listed on the site. What does the Standard of Q ...

  5. questionWhat are vacation rentals?
    Vacation rental is a term in the travel industry meaning renting out a furnished apartment or house on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel. Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular in Europe as well as in the United States. If you are nervous about booking or de ...

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