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How to Rent
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31st of January, 2010

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Renting a vacation home is different than reserving a hotel room. However, the additional steps you need to take are rewarding, as you will receive the benefits that come with staying in a vacation rental.

Some of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental are:

  • Direct contact with the owner or property manager
  • Lots of amenities
  • Privacy that you cannot get in a hotel
  • Full kitchens
  • Great locations

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a vacation rental, review the rental process.  Then, you will be ready to find the perfect vacation rental.

Step 1-Search Rental Properties

Use our easy search feature to look at available properties.  You can look by location or features.  For example, if you love golf, browse through rentals located by a golf course. You can also browse through beach rentals, or rentals by geographic location.  Examine the pictures, features and amenities in order to find a property that is a perfect fit.  Find several properties that meet your criteria and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2-Contact Property Owners

Click on the “Contact Owner” button next to the property.  You will be prompted to fill out a short form, which will be sent directly to the property owner or manager.

Step 3-Choose Your Rental

After you hear back from the owners, you will be able to select your desired property.  Make a choice quickly in order to ensure the property is still available. 

Step 4-Secure Reservation

Next, you will be required to pay a deposit in order to secure your reservation.  Deposits are typically 10%-50% of the total rental price.

Step 5-Sign Your Agreement

A rental agreement will be sent to you.  Read the agreement in its entirety to ensure everything is correct.  Then, sign the agreement and return it to the rental owner or manager.

Step 6-Pay the Balance

In most cases, the owner or manager will require full payment prior to your arrival.  The terms of the payment will be outlined in your rental agreement.  Make the payment on time so you will have access to your rental.

Step 7-Review Information From the Owner

Before you leave for your vacation, you will receive additional information from the owner or property manager.  This information will be helpful during your travels, so be sure to read it thoroughly.  It will outline everything you need to know about the rental, and will likely provide you with information regarding activities in the area. 

Step 8-Check In

On check in day, be sure to pack the owners contact information, as well as the rental information.  Be sure you have the key codes.  If you have to pick the key up from a rental agency, find out the hours the agency is open.

Your check in information will be detailed in your agreement.  Review the process in order to ensure it goes smoothly. 

Step 9-Receive Deposit

 If you paid a deposit, be sure to contact the owner after you are done with the rental. Find out when you can expect your refund.

Step 10-Review the Property

Don’t forget to leave a review.  Reviews help renters find the right property, so review the property fairly and accurately.

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