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Vacation Rental Articles

Vacation rental articles pertaining to the industry.

The Recession Causes Vacation Rental Boom

The vacation rental industry has proven itself to be recession proof.  With a growth in rental properties, travelers have more choices than ever before. In addition, vacationers enjoy the value and money saving options that come with vacation rentals.

10 Reasons To Stay in a Vacation Rental instead of a Hotel

Vacation rentals can provide international standards of comfort at the lowest cost. Staying in a vacation rental also provides additional benefits like privacy, amenities and lower rental fees compared to a hotel room.

Should You Manage Your Own Vacation Rental?

The management and rental of vacation properties has changed dramatically over the last few years. The traditional model is the beach house rental arrangement that existed for many years. Earlier in my life, I followed this model at a beach condo I owned at Ocean City, Maryland. My husband and I contracted with a local realtor who handled the rentals to vacationers during the summer season The realtor handled reservations, collecting the rents, and arranged for any repairs that had to be done when tenants had a problem. Since we lived in the nearby Washington suburbs, it was not too difficult for us to deal with any major problems.

How Vacation Rentals can Profit from the Growing Vacation Travel Market

From all reports, higher gas prices do not seem to have cut down the number of road trips that vacationers are taking. Major destination resorts have reported higher occupancy rates this year. This trend has allowed hotels to increase their rates this year and offer fewer discounts. Vacation rental property managers are reporting that prime properties were rented much earlier this year. This trend has been reflected in our own experience, with the prime weeks of the Summer and Fall seasons being booked earlier than ever before. If you are not experiencing this general increase in activity, you may wish to evaluate your marketing strategy. is certified and recommended by many businesses and publishers.