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Vacation Rental Blogs

Vacation Rental information for travelers and property owners.

Property Owners: Make Your Vacation Rental Truly Unique

  Vacation rental owners must strive to do something on which luxury hotels spend millions of dollars—both in new amenities and in advertising –each year. The hard part is that we don’t have those millions of dollars to work with. The goo...

Vacation Rental Amenities That Guests Like

One of the basic requirements of being listed on is providing the level of amenities that sophisticated travelers have come to expect. These include, in addition to the basics, a fully equipped kitchen, cable or satellite TV, DVD ...

Keep Your Vacation Rental Listing Current

It is easy to create a good vacation rental listing and then let it get out of date. Even someone who is as involved in the vacation rental business as I am can easily fall into the mistake of not keeping my listing current. You should get in the hab...

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver in Your Vacation Rentals

Follow the example of other highly successful businesses such as Dell, and you will keep your customers coming back. When you order a computer from Dell, you are told that it will take two weeks to build it. Then you usually receive the computer with...

Promote Local Restaurants Near Your Vacation Rental

There are few things more important to vacationers than enjoying good food at nice restaurants. Therefore, the fact that you, as a vacation rental owner are not in the position to provide any thing more than a nice kitchen is a is a liability, right?...

Vacation Rental Owners: Achieve Marketing Independence!

You can achieve satisfactory levels of occupancy only if you have marketing independence. We define marketing independence as being the ability to effectively market your property through a variety of channels on the internet, so that you are not dep...

Should You Manage Your Own Vacation Rental?

The management and rental of vacation properties has changed dramatically over the last few years. The traditional model is the beach house rental arrangement that existed for many years. Earlier in my life, I followed this model at a beach condo I owned at Ocean City, Maryland. My husband and I contracted with a local realtor who handled the rentals to vacationers during the summer season The realtor handled reservations, collecting the rents, and arranged for any repairs that had to be done when tenants had a problem. Since we lived in the nearby Washington suburbs, it was not too difficult for us to deal with any major problems.

Vacation Rentals Are More Affordable Than You Think!

Many travelers have a misconception that vacation rentals are only for the wealthy and not for the common person. This is absolutely wrong. Nowadays with modern technologies, you don’t have to spend much for finding a rental out there for you. You... is certified and recommended by many businesses and publishers.