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Avoid Double Bookings

It might sound like a bad movie, but double bookings do occur.  Many professional vacation rental owners have made the mistake of booking rentals to not one, but two, families.  There are several things owners can do to avoid making a double booking mistake.

Have a Book or Program in Place

You need to have one location where you record all of your bookings.  If you record bookings in multiple locations, you are more likely to make a mistake.  Thus, decide where you will record your bookings and stick to it. 

In addition, don’t take a booking with the intention of recording it later.  Go to the location you record your bookings and make sure the dates are free.  Then, record it and confirm it with the renter.

Coordinate With Your Business Partner

If more than one person has the power to record bookings, use a multi user computer program you can log into from different locations. That way, everyone can stay up to date with bookings, even if business partners live in different homes.  Then, make sure your partner records bookings as he takes them.

Include Dates in Contracts

Sometimes, double bookings occur because of a communication issue. Thus, include the dates in the contract and instruct the renter to check them over before signing them. That way, they will be sure to arrive on the dates listed, and you will not have to worry about two families arriving at the same time

A double booking is more than embarrassing. It can be catastrophic.  Thus, take the time to properly record your vacation rental bookings so you can avoid any problems.


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