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Funny Vacation Rental Commercial - "UNITARD"

It’s time to meet the new superhero of the vacation rental industry.
UNITARD, the semi famous (but always hilarious), vacation rental superhero has been caught on camera, and the results are displayed in our new TV commercial.

UNITARD tirelessly fights for the happiness of travelers, and he will not rest until people learn the benefits of vacation rentals.

UNITARD, much like, wants to help families have enjoyable vacations.  He is working on the front lines to keep people from staying in uncomfortable hotel rooms during their trips. 

Also, remember that UNITARD is just around the corner, ready to rescue you before you make a blunder with your vacation accommodations.  Don’t let the man in a unitard find you cramped up in a hotel room.  Stay in a vacation rental, and rest assured that UNITARD is on your side.

What is a "Unitard"? A unitard is a skin-tight one-piece garment with long legs and sometimes long sleeves.  Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock band Queen, was known for wearing checkered unitards and spandex during their concerts in the late 1970s. 

Please, take a moment to let us know your thoughts on this UNITARD commercial.   Please, bookmark our site to see more funny vacation rental videos in the near future.  Submit your UNITARD idea and we will consider it for our next commercial!

Comments (13)

Varezo Vacation Rentals
Said this on 7/27/2010 At 07:46 pm

The price of traditional accommodations has gotten very expensive.  People are looking for ways to reduce the cost and are turning from hotels and motels to alternatives like B&B's and vacation rentals.  My family discovered these about 15 years ago and we rarely stay in a hotel or motel.  Not only is the price point better, but it also provides that "at home" type of feeling.  We are such believers that we launched a website dedicated to vacation rentals. 
Ed C.

noosa accommodation
Said this on 6/14/2010 At 03:34 am

Wow.....that's a real blast!!!!!!!!

Said this on 3/5/2010 At 12:36 pm

The commercial is weird and almost scary - but it's very effective too. I actually went to their site to check the deals since I am planning a vacation in Florida in a couple of months. So bad and effective can actually go together.

Said this on 2/11/2010 At 11:03 pm

I wonder if Unitard would have cost a little less than the Griswolds?


Victoria Nichols
Said this on 2/9/2010 At 07:03 pm

Vacation rental properties are nationwide and better than a hotel suite.  I have the first vacation rental house in in College Station, Texas and I provide many amenities.

betty r
Said this on 2/6/2010 At 12:31 pm

It is unique! But, saving a little here and there I'm all for!


janice negrosa
Said this on 2/6/2010 At 03:39 am

Hahahaha!!! kinda strange and funny, but it is entertaining and made me think for a while.  It's great though.

Said this on 2/5/2010 At 10:13 pm

Unitard, our modern hero in frugality. I love savings, deals, discounts and everything that are cheap. :)

More Power to you Unitard! It is funny how you display your nature of being frugal. :)

Said this on 2/5/2010 At 09:21 pm

This is so funny. In a way, this could really happen when don't have any idea of what you are doing. There are really a lot of scam online especially on things like this so we really need to be careful so we can have a really fun vacation. Thanks for sharing guys.

Wynn Currie
Said this on 2/5/2010 At 06:46 pm

The commercial is weird but I would look into renting a house for vacations because of it.

Said this on 2/5/2010 At 05:17 pm

This is very entertaining and informative.

Said this on 2/5/2010 At 04:23 pm

That is supremely funny.  The less we are willing to tuck our tails when somebody whines about our aesthetic, the more we are able to attract customers and connections who can appreciate it and the less we have to work with those who can't. Cheers.

Said this on 2/5/2010 At 01:43 pm

that's funny :)

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