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   Find a Vacation Rental   vacation rentals   Find a Property Manager   vacation rental managers   Add a Vacation Rental    Add a vacation rental   Add a Property Manager    List a property management firm   Owner/Manager Login    Owner and Manager login   Help Unveils First Green Certified Vacation Rental Program (VRO) has announced the travel industry’s first Green Certified Vacation Rental program. The certification identifies environmentally friendly vacation rentals that meet recycling, energy efficiency and energy conservation standards.

 As global warming and other environmental issues continue to make headlines, more and more consumers seek to make ecologically conscious lifestyle changes. Whether those choices include driving hybrid vehicles or eating organic food, the “green” trend now permeates nearly every aspect of life – including travel.

 “Just as the hotel and lodging industry has chosen this direction, so must the vacation rental sector,” said Shane Owenby, VRO manager. "The hotel industry has moved aggressively to be more green in response to the demands of their guests. Vacation rentals must do likewise."

 Properties qualify for the designation if they meet three criteria:

1) A recycling program available for guests, and encouragement of its use.
2) Compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs for lighting wherever possible.
3) Guests must be encouraged to reduce energy use as much as possible by turning off lights and appliances whenever rooms are vacant, and by turning off heating and air conditioning when doors and windows are open.

 Individual vacation rental owners are responsible for implementing the standards themselves, and must apply to VRO to receive the designation. The program has benefits beyond helping the planet and cutting utility bills, Owenby said. Certification programs give vacation rental owners a marketing advantage with a demographic that is becoming increasingly desirable.

 “VRO’s green certification seal will bring more environmentally conscious customers to their vacation rental,” Owenby said. provides an online directory for rental properties in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands The website’s ubiquitous online presence includes Top Rankings in Google for searches such as “Luxury Vacation Rental.” The company has also developed a reputation for superior lodging through its Standards of Quality.











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